Smart Buildings

Making our built environment smarter, safer and more sustainable.


"A connected world where technology is seamlessly woven into the spaces around us and improves the lives of those who use it."


"Make our built environment smarter, safer and more sustainable."



Krellian believes in human-centered design, putting people and their needs at the centre of everything we do.


Krellian believes in environmental sustainability, in technology which is built to last and has a positive impact on our natural environment.


Krellian believes in open source and open standards. We sponsor open source software projects like WebThings, and participate in standardisation at the W3C.


Photo of Ben
Ben Francis, Founder

Ben Francis founded Krellian Ltd. in 2020. He has a Masters degree in Computer Engineering, is a W3C Invited Expert on Web Apps and the Web of Things, and has previously worked for Mozilla and Google.

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